Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Peanut butter cookies

I just had to try making peanut butter cookies after seeing them on Mike Chu's blog
Those who love peanut butter will love these! They're chewy and nutty...and full of peanut butter flavour. The brown sugar in them somehow gives them a really nice aroma as well.. perfect with a cuppa coffee! I made these with creamy peanut butter...i guess if i had used crunchy peanut butter i would've had some bits of nuts to add a bit of "bite" to it.
I think these are very American as asian "peanut" cookies are not made from peanut butter... they're very...crumbly and salty, as if they were made from ground up salted roasted peanuts... whereas these cookies have a distinct peanut butter taste, as opposed to just peanuts.

Some of my friends, upon taking that first bite, asked "lau foong already ah?" [that's cantonese for "air gone in", describing crispy foods that have gone soft] but no, i told them, they're chewy. They're supposed to be that way! just enjoy it as it is without asking questions~! hehheee
Everyone at church said these were delicuios.

Price: RM10 for a bag

Weight: 250g

Please email me if you'd like to order!

Blueberry cheesecake

Mum made blueberry cheesecake with a creamy top and biscuit base. the creamy sweet topping with bits of blueberry pieces goes very well with the crumbly base. She mashed up the blueberry sauce with the cheese so it kinda looks..purplish now! instead of the usual creamy yellow ussualy associated with cheesecakes.

Speaking of purplish...

this reminds me of Veruca Salt from Roald Dahl's "charlie and the chocolate factory"..the girl who chewed too much gum until she turned into an enormous monstrous blueberry! she turned...blue [or purple] and had to be rolled out by some oompa loompas....they squeezed all the juice out of her so she went back to her usual size but she remained purple all the days of her life. how...tragic! haha i loved that story.

Price: RM36 per cake.

Please email me to order.


el'z said...

i just realize it's photos only.. was halfway munching yr cookies dy... sigh


oh shush, have to wipe my saliva off the keyboard.

cell said...

why is it that it's impossible for anyone to comment here? Poor chihui.

Hearts said...

can I order a slice of blueberry cheese cake?? heehe