Sunday, October 08, 2006

Think cookie...think Chocolate chip cookie! then...think of cookie monster! [all his cookies were chocolate chip! You can tell by the brown flecks], think American...think famous amos. I modified the recipe for these and added extra cocoa powder and vanilla essence so they have a little extra flavour. Most [Asian] people i've talked to so far arent keen on the "chewy" cookie thing so these are crispy. However i do like chewy cookies and I intend to try making them one of these days...

Rach complained that she couldnt see that many chocolate chips on top but they're all hiding inside actually..they're a little shy.
I settled in front of the telly today and started eating them but unfortunately I kept on eating..and i think i ate about 8 of them in one go. Oopss! there's something therapeutic about munching something crunchy while watching tv. maybe that's why ppl like to eat popcorn or chips during a movie!?

Chocolate Chip cookies have always been the default cookie for lotsa American TV shows and cartoons. I wonder's probably the American icon now. So, to stick with the theme, Rach decided to add a glass of milk to complete the wholesome cookie and milk marriage. They go so well together..dont you think? I was tempted to use those new trendy pomelo, strawberry and melon flavoured chocolate chips but I thought...perhaps green flecks in a cookie would be weird....the last time I did it, my friend thought they were green peas...[she thought they were green pea cookies! imagine that!! might work though..!]

Price: RM12 for a bag

Weight: 250g

To order, please email me at the email address given in the "contact me" link at the left column.


Jenn said...

I love the pictures! Very well taken... *smiles*

Okay lah... the cookies are nice too. *laughs* But seriously, they are. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of buying your cookies as gifts for friends.
How long can the cookies last? do you add any preservatives?

I can see that the cookies are sold in clear plastics bags tied with ribbons, will it lose its crispiness or easily broken during handling?