Tuesday, November 28, 2006

*Christmas Sugar Cookies *

Another American thing as we seldom see them around here in m'sia..but Christmas sugar cookies are the traditional thing to be served to Santa on his annual visits.. i guess everything is scaled down in Malaysia.. nobody believes in santa here although we do see some skinny ones on display in shopping centres. i just saw a robotic one at Carrefour...was skin and bones..u could even see the electric powered box that made up his butt [so he had a squarish butt]
anyway, I've yet to put up my Christmas tree. or as terk could call it...a pagan tree.
I wonder if we could make a little hole and string these sugar cookies up as decorations on the tree..but then the ants would get to them first!!

Cookies will come in a transparent bag tied with a red satin ribbon.

Prices: [per cookie] Min order of RM10

large Christmas tree, 111g : RM3

small Christmas tree, 36g: RM2

large star, 37g :RM2

small star, 22g: RM 1.50

large heart,111g : RM3

small heart 40g:RM2


el'z said...

slurps slurps..

RaisingGrls said...

These are really much bigger than I thought! In picture it looks small, but the actualy Christmas tree cookie is really quite big! They look so pretty, you don't feel like eating them, but saving them to admire them, or to hang on the CHristmas tree as decor! Ideal as christmas gifts I think! and certainly delicous too!