Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Chocolate Brownies

These [very American] fudgy chocolate brownies are like a cake but much denser. They're ussualy served as a dessert in restaurants with a scoop of ice cream on top. But they're just as nice on their own! Yeah I said they're very American as I'd only seen them in American cookbooks and very often on TV shows as well..but the trend is catching up in Australia, I remember watching a show where some Tasmanians had a brownie recipe contest.

Price: RM8 per box

Weight :280g

Trivia: on one Friends episode, Rachel offers a plate of brownies to her friends but after taking a bite Pheobe spits hers out because of her toothache.


Anonymous said...

In America what we sometimes do take a box of vanilla ice-cream, after the brownie is done. Scoop all that icecream onto the brownie (stil in the tray) making a nice 2 inch layer above the brownie. Then freeze it in the freezer for a while till ice cream hrdens.
Then just before serving, spoon some warm caramel on top, add nuts. Yummy......slrrp. Martha

Anonymous said...

this choc fudge looks gd too :)
american style :) guess my boy would love it hehe
can i know if i would want to order from you, would it melt easily? okay...i don't think i would hav transport to get to your place, do you offer any place that we can meet n pay? :)

thank you. u can reply here cuz i log in pretty often :)

cell said...

I apologise but I dont deliver unless it's over RM100 worth. However if you can email me telling me where you live maybe we can arrange something. Oh and these brownies dont melt. =) thanks for viewing my blog.

kenwahfu said...

Your fudgy chocolate brownies looks good. I love cakes and I hope the taste is good.