Friday, November 17, 2006

**Butter cake with chocolate icing **

those mass produced Birthday cakes are notoriously full of salty buttercream that don't taste good.I mean..they're salty!?? have you ever tasted them? they have a slight salty aftertaste..coz they were made with salted butter! I've nothing against buttercream..just that if i've to consume that many'd better be worth it! [as you know, the usual buttercream is just made out of butter and sugar...!!] I mean I dont wanna eat a lot of calories without enjoying it. Might as well not eat it right..? so, this birthday cake is a yellow butter cake but has chocolate ganache instead. now, it's just as rich and fattening as buttercream but tastes a lot more heavenly. It's rich, thick, gooey and chocolatey...! A perfect treat that's worth all the hours at the gym later..........

It's a smallish cake that would probably feed 8 people.
Price: RM35 per 8 inch cake.

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Anonymous said...

i love your choc butter cake :)
it's so rich in chocolates :p *drool*
simple n nice, not too confusing taste. would love to hav one for my love on his b'day which falls on may. it's stil far from here i know, jz wanna leave comment here hehe :p make more nice cakes hehe :p