Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rocky Road fudge

Being the sweet toothed person that I am, I used to love trying the different types of fudge at the markets when I was in Australia. Salamanca..or the Rocks Sunday market in Sydney. Each one always had a fudge stall but I never saw any of it in Malaysia. So I decided to make my own Rocky Road fudge.

These were made with dark chocolate, hazelnuts, marshmallows, dried fruit and some biscuits to give it a bit of a crunch. The different bits of "rocks" in it makes a really nice texture and gives some contrast from the creamy chocolate. Well, the fact is that they DO look like a rocky road. so tht's why they're called that...

Price :RM12 for a bagful of rocky yummyness

Weight: 250g


Anonymous said...

So I tried the fudge during lunch with some friends. At first, everybody refused one, since it is suppsed to be fattening, but when I said "home-made" everybody tried one! haha..

Hmm.some found it really delicous..I enjoyed it, though I think perhaps your tooth is sweeter than mine. haha... the raisins in it were a surprise! and the marshmallows and colors in it was nice. :)

Thanks, and will pay you on Sun?
Take care!

Anonymous said...

The fudge was delicious ..i kept it in the fridge ..and reheat it in the microwave the marshmallow melted it was like smores reminded me of my childlike memory ^_^ definitely reccomend it too everybody