Friday, December 08, 2006

.:Cherry Candy :.

I like candy. Candy's not just for kids...adults who loved them as kids still enjoy them. With Christmas coming around I reckon lots of it will be consumed, though probably not as much as Halloween, but who knows? Since we dont really celebrate Halloween in Malaysia. I think they're great given as gifts!

I made these homemade soft creamy cherry candies using glace cherries and chopped almonds. They're reminiscent of coconut candy but without the coconut.
The red in the cherries make them look very Christmassy. Each bite sized piece is wrapped in gold foil to keep sticky fingers at bay. Also to kind of discourage one from eating too many at one go [although perhaps, it may not be effective for some....]

these should be kept in the fridge to keep it firm, otherwise it goes soft and mushy.

Price: RM20 per jar


thundered cat said...

ooh... i like the idea of coconut candy wihtout the coconut!

Hearts said...

Hmm..tried this delicous candy. It is not to sweet, just nice. :) and really delicous...
Have not tried any candy out there as good as this...Certainly leaves one longing for more...slrrp... It is hard to stop at just one candy. :)