Thursday, December 21, 2006

I apologise but orders for Christmas are closed because of the overwhelming response. I already have both arms full right until Christmas eve. Thanks for those of you who called /emailed me, perhaps after Christmas ok?

Happy Holidays Everyone!


Anonymous said...

i love your choc butter cake :)
it's so rich in chocolates :p *drool*
simple n nice, not too confusing taste. would love to hav one for my love on his b'day which falls on may. it's stil far from here i know, jz wanna leave comment here hehe :p make more nice cakes hehe :p

pat said...

hey sel,

i don't know where to reply your comment so...yeah. here'll have to do.

np on the extra hands, i had fun! hope you are better now :) and thanks for the lovely xmas pressie.

just buzz if you ever need anything, ok? p.s- haha. if only she didn't have such a dislike for onions. hee.