Tuesday, January 08, 2008

during gavin's trip back here I managed to put on 3 pounds. how did this happen?
he decided to take me to some really nice restaurants.

we went to a cozy japanese place, kimpatchi in SS17, and had this really delicious sashimi platter. it was so fresh. the salmon was just the right cut - just enough fat to make it smooth, and just so chewy.

and some ramen which was only so so.

at strawberry fields in taipan, i had this very fattening buttermilk chicken. it was tasty.

gav had some spicy curry thing which was so hot he was sweating profusely.

on christmas day we went to this fishhead meehoon specialist in kuchai entrepreneur's park.
their fishhead meehoon is so good you'll be drinking the entire bowl of savory, slightly sourish fish soup!
i ordered the one with fish paste balls as well. they were really nice, not the factory made ones but made in house at the restaurant. each bowl is so huge so it's worth it at RM6.90 per bowl.

at swensen's we had this banana blondie which was kind of like a brownie topped with caramel sauce and a scoop of ice cream on top, and some sliced bananas. sinful.

later we decided to head to penang tropicana for tomyam noodles which were supposedly very famous.

december was also a month of weddings. i attended 4 of them!!
however, 3 of them were in hotels so the food was so bad. it was so bad that i went home hungry and had maggi mee afterwards coz i hardly ate! one of the hotels even served powdery steamed fish! ugh.
but the one at the restaurant in seremban had good food. this was their four seasons platter. all the food was finished so that's how u know it's good.

the steamed fish was so juicy and smooth, unlike the either hard or powdery ones at 5 star hotels!!

roasted duck and braised chicken.

dessert was the best part i think.
these cute pink pows in the shape of bunnieshad a nice lotus filling inside. and the lotus filled pancakes were yummy.

i liked this honeydew sago dessert soup thing. although some might say it's too sweet.

so now u know how i gained those pounds back.
ok back to gym for me

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