Wednesday, November 07, 2012

blue eye salamanca, Hobart review

We wanted a quiet, uncrowded place for dinner last night and went to Blue Eye at Salamanca. The place was really quiet and uncrowded - only 3 tables had customers the entire evening. Which was nice, good for conversation. But... would you pay $33 for this? apparently some people would. i dont know what's with eating out here in Tassie but it's just so expensive! it was yummy though. the squid was cooked so perfectly, it almost melts in your mouth. the grilled fish was ... okay. prawns in spicy sauce were tasty although the hubby said the sauce wasn't the best accompaniment for them. i have to say i enjoyed the chips and tartare sauce most of all.
this seafood pie was also $33, it was yummy but a bit on the small side. the scallops around it were tender and juicy. The filling was a little bland for my taste though... just bits of fish in a white sauce. Perhaps a bit of chilli would've helped?

I was still hungry when we got home and proceeded to gobble up 3 roti canai that mum cooked up.

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