Thursday, March 14, 2013

B.Y.O. and a yoghurt that's too sweet

I'd been invited to a few B.Y.O. barbecue events before I finally realized what it really meant. I thought that meant people were supposed to bring meat to share with everyone. But... it means that people bring their own food...and eat only their own food! How sad is that? I'd always assumed that every gathering involving food was a potluck, so was perplexed as to why many BYO events seemed not to have enough food for everyone. Last night I brought fried rice to share with everyone but wondered why no one was eating it...until I offered it to a few people. Someone offered me some of his burgers. I thought it was funny how anyone had to offer their own food..surely everything was to be shared? It only when he asked if he could try some of my fried rice that it finally occurred to me! This would be unthinkable in an Asian context...!  So, it looks like i helped myself to someone else's meat that I wasn't supposed to! ?

Vaalia low fat lemon creme

anyway.... we tried this new yoghurt for the first time last night coz it was on special and really regretted buying it... it was way way way too sweet! it was so sweet that we nearly died from the sugar overload. it was almost like eating pure sugar. the label says there;s 162.9 of sugar in it. that's 38.8 tsps of sugar in each  container! what's the use of buying low fat yoghurt when it's chockers full of sugar? anyway we couldn't even eat it, it was so sweet. I sent some feedback to customer service but they didn't offer a refund, instead just telling me they'd send my feedback to their factory testers. with so many brands of yoghurt to choose from, it's getting harder to find a good one. even those marketed for babies are full of sugar!
We like Elgaar farm and Jalna but they're a bit more expensive than these mass market ones. Might have to try making our own to save money!

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