Wednesday, May 08, 2013

catering for a crowd

Jo's just had his 1st birthday last month and we had a little party for him. Trying to make food for a crowd while caring for a 1 year old is.. not the easiest thing! but we had some help. Store bought cupcakes, frozen dumplings, ready made salad, cold cuts and bread hardly took any effort at all.

sushi is a great party food coz it's so pretty to look at, everyone loves them, and easy to eat with one hand! These were made by a friend who doesn't have a 1 year old hanging on him 24/7... 

and so...the only thing i actually made were these siu mai dumplings. we made them several days before and froze them, only to completely forget to serve them at the party! we brought them out only as people were about to leave so they ended up being given as after-party takeaway food. 

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