Friday, June 07, 2013

terrible 30's?

I've been told that the "terrible twos" are categorized by tantrums and whingeing and is very trying... when i asked when it ends, nobody knew.
well, i'm 30 and i'm still in it! so... uh... i hope Jo doesn't start it too soon!

we went to Coningham beach in Snug on the weekend. It's really beautiful! and there was hardly anyone else there. we only met 1 jogger and a couple walking along the road.

I often envy my friends who get to travel around the world - my ex colleague [who started work the same time i did and is probably 6 years younger!] has already done a US tour and India this past year. I planned to do the same after saving up but never got to do it. Instead, I ended up being a stay at home mum after just 10 months of work! Even if we could afford it, it's impossible with a 1 year old and no family here to care for him while we're away. So, I have to be content to just travel to places like these, 10 mins drive from our place....

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