Saturday, October 19, 2013

more Sandy Bay eats

White Box Noodle on Sandy Bay Rd [in the Mayfair plaza building next to written on tea] has a very good char kueh teow, [stir fried flat rice noodles]. The chef-owner is a Penang-ite which isn't surprising as I believe that obviously the best charkuehteow cooks must come from there! In the seating area we could observe him cooking with his trusty wok and huge roaring gas cooker!
This charkuehteow was extra nice because it had little cockles in it - something none of the other Malaysian restaurants here have managed to include.

 Apart from that, there're other Malaysian items on the menu, the mee goreng [below] being one of them.
Note the generous prawn servings! Both were delicious. I noticed the nasi goreng was very popular as well. 

White Box noodles house
236 Sandy Bay Rd  Sandy Bay TAS 7005, Australia


Next stop was Sweet Hut, a new Asian style dessert place,great for lingering with friends and long conversations as the place is open till 10pm! We had the HK Aberdeen waffles, below. I don't know which part of it is from HK or Aberdeen but it was yummy with peanut butter and condensed milk sandwiched between the waffles. It may sound like a strange combination to a Westerner but it makes perfect sense to an Asian person as condensed milk is often used like a spread.. kinda like jam! 

So there you have it. An alternative to Mures for late night ice cream hankerings.
The guy behind the counter said they're open 12noon-10pm, but I didn't ask if it were open 7 days a week.
It being a family run business it's likely that it is!

Sweet Hut
163 Sandy Bay Road, Sandy Bay, Tasmania, Australia 7005

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Gina E. said...

Cell! I lost your blog somehow a year or so ago, and I just rediscovered you after going back in time in one of my blogs, finding a comment you'd left, and so I clicked on it and there you were! I've added you to my favorites list now so you won't disappear again, lol!
Congratulations on being a Mum! Do you still move between Tasmania and Melbourne? I see you still enjoy eating at lots of interesting cafes in both states. I've made a note of this last recipe, using condensed milk and peanut butter in waffles - YUM! My husband loves condensed milk spread on bread like jam, and he also likes Peanut butter. Makes sense to combine them!