Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Thai at Channel Court

This was the $12 lunch special - basil and chilli chicken with vegetables. The chicken and vegetables were very well made - cooked just right, with the right amount of flavours, sauce and heat. The only letdown was the very very stingy serving of rice - it wasn't enough for that amount of meat and vegetables! and certainly not enough for 1 person's lunch. I don't know who in the world would find this ratio satisfying. The tiny bit of rice looked like only 1/2 cup's worth?

This being an asian restaurant, it's surprising that they don't get the correct ratio of rice to the "souhng" [cantonese for the meat/vegetables/ingredients that's eaten with rice to flavour it]. The rice is not a side dish, it's the main dish. For this much of "souhng", perhaps double or even triple that amount of rice is required.

Sigh, it really would've been a very satisfyingly gorgeous meal if only they'd gotten the rice right! What a pity because it wouldn't have cost them 10c more to give us more rice. For this reason I doubt I'd ever be going back or recommend this place to anyone. At these prices, you're better off eating at Kelantan Delights [just across the road in the Coles complex] where they have similar rice and "souhng" meals for less money, but with more food! granted the ambiance there isn't as nice but true Asians value the food more than the ambiance.

Cantonese vocabulary lesson

"souhng" -  ingredients [such as meat, seafood, vegetables, eggs] served with rice to flavour it. Does not include sauces/dips.

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