Saturday, March 08, 2014

Kathmandu Cuisine at Battery Point

After having had Nepalese food for the 1st time in Kuala Lumpur many years ago, I'd always wanted more as it was all that I've grown up loving - Chinese and Indian flavours in one!  My Nepali friend back then had recommended the momos [dumplings] which we adored. 

Below, the free snack while perusing the menu:  a deep fried crispy pastry dough thing with a sweet sour dipping sauce.
 we had this "Kathmandu special" from the entree section [ $10.95 as of March 2014] which was a papadum shell filled with potato curry, crispy fried lentils and creamy yoghurt. The combination of cold creamy yoghurt with spicy hot potato curry and crispy spicy lentils was very very good.
 Below, the chicken momos [$15.95] served with a spicy tangy sauce - very tasty, very delicately made - how pretty they look! They look like just chinese dumplings..but served with an Indian-ish that's Nepal for you! really a cross between the two..
 These aloo paratha pieces [$3.95] were yummy, with  flaky roti [which is somewhat between a pastry and bread...think of a very fatty sort of bread..or a very bready pastry] encasing moist mashed curried potatoes. They've got so much flavour on their own, I can't imagine eating them with a strongly flavoured curry...I like them just as is. For having with curry, I'd recommend plain rotis, not these stuffed ones.
service was excellent, we got a table almost immediately on a Friday evening despite not booking in advance. Parking wasn't too hard, just go around the block until you find something!

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