Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Maharaja Indian Restaurant on Bathurst Street, Hobart

This Indian restaurant just a short stroll from the Commonwealth Bank has a takeaway counter in the daytime for a quick tasty lunch - under $10 for a rice and curry meal, [as of March 2015] which is very good deal. [considering that a cold sandwich at a nearby cafe is close to $8!]

We came for dinner though, and were not disappointed. It being a weeknight, we needed no reservations. The place was decorated in a typically Indian style, with dark coloured walls, and catchy Punjabi bhangra music to set the mood.

We had the thali set which included rice, naan, a piece of tandoori chicken, 3 curries and a yoghurt raita. 
Everything was exquisitely prepared, delicately spiced, fragrant, delicious. The naan breads tasted as good as they smelled, crisp and chewy and fluffy all at the same time. The tandoori chicken was so moist and flavourful that every mouthful was to be savoured. 

For the 3 curries, 2 are meat ones and one veg [as we chose the non-vegetarian option] So we had the butter chicken, lamb vindaloo and prawn curry, which were all excellent. I especially liked the prawn one which was gingery, tomato-ey, garlicky and spicy all at once, complementing the bouncy, meaty prawns.

This was a very large serving, so we had leftovers to take home for breakfast the next morning! 
Service wise, our server was very attentive and made sure we had everything we needed. 

I'd definitely want to visit again. [incidentally, it's in the entertainment book for this year, so if you've got it, that's 25% off for you!]

81A Bathurst Street, Hobart TAS 7000
(03) 6234 4327

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