Friday, July 14, 2017

This is Gavin's account of his experiences surrounding the accident and ensuing death of his father.

with dad in Penang

30 years ago, our family were on our way to my father's hometown, Penang, in the north of Malaysia from our home in Kuala Lumpur. We were not much more than an hour into the journey when we had to make a stop by the side of the road. While we were on the grass at the side of the road, a car flew into us without warning, hit all of us and killed my brother instantly. I had a broken elbow and was bleeding all over. I knew my father was in pain, and I was right beside him the moment the impact happened. I could hear my father praying aloud to God to save his family. After the initial shock, I too was in pain. After what seemed like an eternity, a passerby decided to help after many others did not (and even stole our belongings). My mother held my dead brother in her arms, I don't remember much more about this journey but next thing was my father and I being transported to hospital in an ambulance. I was on one of the beds, and my father in the other. At some point he told the paramedic that he could not breathe. Soon after that, the ambulance made a stop, offloaded my father somewhere and continued the journey with just myself. I wondered what that was all about.

When the ambulance finally arrived at its destination, I was put in a children's ward at a small hospital. I was all alone, but not overly scared.  That night, I had what I thought was a dream, although looking back it could have been a vision. In it I saw a bright light as though it was through a doorway, and my father and brother approaching me as I laid in my hospital bed. Then my father stopped and told me, "Gavin, don't worry. Your brother and I are in a better place." The next day, I remembered this vision vividly, but did not think too much about it although I was certainly very comforted. It was only later when I was brought back to KL and back to my mother that I realized that my father had passed away, and that the stop the ambulance made was because he had already died. Little did I know that those were his last moments on earth, and there I was beside him. I had little to no understanding, at that time, about the Biblical teaching of what happens after death.
with dad and my little brother

In retrospect,   this has been one of the most visibly supernatural interventions of God in my life, even while I was yet a sinner, yet to accept the grace of God through the saving power of Jesus' blood. Only after these events did my mother and I come into God's kingdom, whereas my mother vehemently resisted the gospel while my father was still alive. It was at his funeral where she made the decision to come to Christ.

Truly God in His mercy answered my father's dying prayers. Truly all praise and thanks to Him alone!

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