Thursday, October 22, 2009


I just discovered that you can boil soup in a rice cooker! did you know that? just press "cook" and it'll keep cooking until you stop it because the water's never gonna reach the level that would stop it automatically. so, in our newly obtained 2nd hand rice cooker that we got for $12,
we made this korean pork soup [gamjatang] but used pork fillet instead coz the pork ribs were too expensive. not a good move! because, for soups, it's always better to use pork with bones.

anyway, despite the meat being slightly tasteless, the soup was really tasty and we'd definitely make it again. some of the ingredients can only be found in korean grocery shops like the "doenjang" [bean paste], korean chilli flakes and korean anchovy sauce [somewhat similar to fish sauce but smells much more pungent! it's not as fiery hot as it looks, the red colour just comes from the chilli flakes.

it's perfect for a cold night but then again, even with hot weather we still like our hot steaming bowls of soup with rice. try it with kimchi on the side if possible.

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