Friday, November 06, 2009

mamak at home in clayton

tonight gav and i made channa masala [chickpea curry] from scratch and had it with "cheat's roti" and instant teh tarik from a packet. the channa masala was quite easy to make, I used a recipe I got online that was really easy. The steps are simple enough- just fry up some cumin seeds till they "pop", then add the garlic, onion, chopped chilli, tomato paste, coriander powder, turmeric powder, garam masala, ginger, salt and chilli powder and cook till the oil comes to the top. I didn't quite see any oil coming to the top but when i felt that it was going to get burnt, i quickly tipped in the chopped fresh tomato and can of chickpeas and some water.

for the cheat's roti, we bought some coles home brand puff pastry from the freezer section and pan fried it on medium heat! just cut a big sheet into 4 and cook till golden brown. it requires a few flips to make sure neither side gets burnt.
it really did taste almost like real roti canai. seruiosly! try it if you don't believe me. they are made of esentially the same things anyway...roti consists of flour and ghee, puff pastry of flour and butter. we wiped the non stick pan with a little oil but I reckon that wasn't necessary as puff pastry is full of oil anyway. a few got slightly burnt so you have to watch it! probably not the healthiest thing around though. but it tasted good enough.

also, we baked a few chicken wings marinated in curry powder, salt and turmeric in our little toaster oven. the dry heat made the chicken skin crisp up and taste just like fried chicken from the local mamak...well, almost! all this and our instant teh tarik from a packet made us feel as if we were back home....

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