Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Briyani at Anshumann Da Dhaba [Clayton Rd]

This time we were here to try the briyani! it's a meal of spicy flavoured rice, some sort of hearty spicy meat and pickles. Above, the lamb Saag which is sort of a stewed lamb in a creamy mashed spinach sauce. Really tender and tasty.
And above, the briyani rice with bits of meat peeking under. It doesn't look like a large serving but it was very very filling because basmati rice has more fibre and is hence more filling, and also there're quite a bit of meat in there.
the various pickles above. Clockwise from left: acahar, pickled onion, yoghurt, and some indistinct chilli sauce which wasn't as hot as it looks.
I ordered the makki di roti because i was curious about what it was. Well it was just a roti made with ground corn instead of wheat flour. It was a bit heavier than usual and quite a bright yellow. It went well with the lamb saag.

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Jasmeet Mand said...

Anshumann Da Dhaba restaurant has launched its impressive website recently. It also has a blog where people can share their views. Plz check it out.