Tuesday, November 09, 2010

various restaurant food and eating at home

this picture above was taken at a chinese restaurant somewhere in Melbourne, i don't rmbr the name of it. but the food was excellent. everyone, including non-Chinese, loves sweet sour pork.

this is one of my favourite vegetables, "kangkung" or in english, water convolvulus. what a convoluted name! It's especially tasty cooked with belacan [fermented shrimp paste] If only I could grow it here in Tassie...
Above, a curry laksa from a stall at Victoria market. yummy. I actually like laksa better here than in Malaysia, where it tends to get too oily. Also, the laksa here has more meat in it than the meagre portions served in malaysia.
a simple, tasty quick lunch at Eugenia's place. Soup made with knorr chicken stock powder with tofu, egg and frozen dumplings quickly boiled up, and stir fried vegetables with rice. What more could you want?

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