Saturday, October 13, 2012

Olliebollen festival

 The annual Olliebollen festival at Calvin Christian School was on today and we went in anticipation of delicious freshly fried olliebollen...unfortunately the baby whacked it out of my hand after I'd taken only 2 bites of it! so it ended on the ground. to make up for it, i had the waffles with ice cream, maple syrup and berries, above. and some other things below:

presumably "butter cake" in Dutch, above. really nice - it had a rich crumbly texture and fragrant almond scent. I wouldn't call it a cake though, it was more like shortbread.

we wanted to have some of the roast pork that was looking really luscious on the spit roast but alas, it wasn't ready when we were there and we had to leave for another appointment.

apart from that, we were very pleased to have snapped up a boxful of 2nd hand books for just $2. hooray for school fairs!

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