Wednesday, June 11, 2014

foodie tour

I love Korean - so we never pass up the opportunity to visit Oriental Spoon on Melbourne's La Trobe street.
 The beef soup with rice and kimchi is always always a satisfyingly good choice especially on a chilly day.
 this bento lunchtime special at just $11 is a very good deal - that's a LOT of stuff covering the rice underneath!

At the Target Centre in Chinatown there's BBQ Junction which offers a very good yongtaufoo [below] with noodles in curry laksa soup [$11]- ironically, none of these items were barbecued....
There's the option for the usual clear soup or a tomyam but curry laksa will always be the most indulgent, tummy warming option!
Back in Tassie, we recently visited Duc's in Sandy Bay [next to Solo pizza] for the hubby's birthday. When the chef heard it was his birthday, he sent out a free dish! [which happened to be the BEST dish we had that day] 
Below, the claypot pork belly which had excellent flavour with a fragrant broth, perfect to drench your rice in. 

 The mapo diced chicken breast was a tasty, slightly spicy dish which we liked as well.
 And the star of the meal - the garlic and chilli stir fried long beans, which had just the right crunch and fragrant wok fried spiciness. I could have this everyday!
 It was my first time eating there, but I don't think it will be my last. Everything is priced quite reasonably as well, around $12 per person for a nice, hot cooked to order Asian meal. There are individual noodle/rice dishes for those who prefer Western type individualist dining, or you could order dishes and plain rice to share, like we did, asian-style. Service is excellent and there's lots of parking at the Woolies across the road.


This is the lunch special at Arirang on Elizabeth Street, Hobart. 

The spicy stir fried pork, $10 is exactly that - tasty thin strips of pork and onions served with rice.
 The seafood and tofu soup [$10] with vegetables was good too - with a bean paste flavour. My only regret was not ordering kimchi to go with these items [as I thought it would be included with the set, after all...which self respecting Korean would have a meal without it? but as it turns out, it's an extra $1.50 a serve!].

Service was excellent, and there's free flow of Korean brown rice tea on the house. It's slightly sweet and very refreshing. 

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