Thursday, December 03, 2015

Hobart Synagogue and Greek food

 Hobart Synagogue is the oldest synagogue in Australia, built in 1845 - its architecture is described to be Egyptian Revival, presumably because they've "revived" ancient Egyptian motifs such as the leaf design on its pillars?

 It was beautiful to look at, just amazing how well preserved everything is!

 Here's the front part where they keep the Torah scrolls.
 All of these scrolls are hand copied!

 This back bit with names of people who've contributed to it reminds me of Brethren churches from that same era.

Our guide was really knowledgeable and answered all our questions on the building, Judaism, even the history of the Jewish people in Tasmania and Australia. This is certainly worth a visit even if you're not Jewish!

More information here.

Filos at Elizabeth St mall

This Greek restaurant/cafe is excellent! Greek guitar music playing in the background, warm service, makes you feel like you're eating as a guest in a Greek home!
That it's a family run business adds to the feeling of authenticity, along with the photos of Greek scenes on the walls.

The menu items included quite a few lesser known Greek dishes, such as dakos and Kokkinisto, as well as the well known Moussakas and souvlakis. 

 The wide array of desserts made it so tempting! there was even Greek baklawa and kourobiedes [nut biscuits] What I loved most about this place is that it's so unpretentious and affordable, with a relaxed atmosphere. Coffee was great too!

We went for the grilled meat platter for one, below, very tasty and moist marinated chicken and lamb, which went perfectly well with the tzaziki yoghurt sauce and flatbreads.
and below, the mousakka - cheesy, creamy, eggplanty and meaty. Loved it!
I'd love to come back to try all the other menu items. a must visit if you like meat or Mediterranean food.

some Greek language trivia:

How are you? - dikanis

good! - galah

very good! - polygalah

FILOS Cafe Restaurant
39 Elizabeth St, in the mall
Hobart – Tasmania
Tel: (03)62001758

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