Monday, October 09, 2006

Ok this isnt about baking but I just love Vegemite! it's one of my favourite foods... Im just crazy about it! It's so sad we dont have it in I brought a big jar and tube back from Tassie last year but it finished pretty soon. a few months ago Aunt Linda brought me a BIG jar from Melbourne so now I'm getting into that!

I hated it at first but somehow the black gunk just grew on me...I remember seeing my friends devour it on hot slices of buttered toast and soon I was hooked as well. But the first time i tried it, I thought it was like peanut butter so i smeared it on too thick so it tasted horrible! So the trick is to just spread a scraping of it and there MUST be butter or else it wouldnt be nice. There's something about vegemite on toast that gives you that.... high! Oh and it's not just a breakfast thing...i've had it for lunch and dinner and supper too. [Then again i've had cereal and milk for dinner....] Gavin's weird though in that he likes to mix it with hot water to make a "soup" that he floods his rice with. Back when I was working at the hotel, I always had jar of it in case the employee's food was inedible [which is quite often..] then I could just have it with bread.


Ethereal Reality said...

vegemite = beer waste. bravo alcoholics!

Suk Maan said...

someone told me once "you can only be a true Aussie if you can spread your vegemite right"
yes, i do agree that we sometimes spread too much vegemite on toast.

you want any order of vegemite? :)
i'm coming back for holiday in a month. let me know.