Friday, December 29, 2006

You know what music I like to listen to while baking? Explosions in the Sky. Seruiosly. Somehow..their music is invoking. it makes me forget the just moves me into action..and i just go on doing and doing..getting lost on another surreal. thr's no stopping. You have to listen to them..each track is just so.. full of emotion. so profoundly...melancholy.

while making giant chocolate chip cookies today i was listening to them, in particular "look into the sky" which is sooo........ it involves the feeling of... uh something like although everything's fallen apart and crumbled, there's hope for tomorrow. yes, this song involves that feeling!! it starts out being kinda smtg terrible's happened and ur whole world has fallen apart..but still admist that feeling of devastation there's hope...there's a little glimmer of hope... so, that's the way the cookie crumbles [sorry, i know that was lame...hahahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ]
these giant cookies are giant because they're supposed to be chewy. so they HAVE to stay big. if they're made smaller [and i tried] they become crisp.
they're as big as your palm.
price: RM2 each, min order of RM10
weight: i didnt weigh them

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thundered cat said...

there's nothing like listening to good music while doing things you love best.