Tuesday, January 09, 2007

the one about the fruitcake...[it's after christmas but well, it's time to reflect on what happened at Christmas is it not?]

ok u know how people talk about fruitcakes as if they're the worst ever dreaded thing but somehow you keep having to deal with it. like at weddings..and at christmas. mostly weddings, in our malaysian society. [yeah remember those ubiquitous prepacked rectangles of fruitcake you get at the dinner that wasnt part of the BIG 6 tiered cake?] i've met lotsa people who hate fruitcake [rach is one of em...] and yours truly [im a recent convert!] it was martha who asked me last year if i were gonna make any for Christmas. she said "Christmas cake" and I thought..what's a christmas cake?? I thought any cake consumed at Christmas could be deemed Christmas cake. after all...as long as u decorate it with christmas themed decorations or eat it at a christmas party, isnt that christmas cake? apprently not. "Christmas Cake" is actually fruitcake. I didnt pay much attention to it after that coz i was not a fan of fruitcake but after taking out my Christmas issues of Donna Hay and Martha Stewart magazines, i saw that fruitcakes took centre stage. so I had to try my hand at it. my first try was a flop..it was too dry and crumbly. so i tried again and this time, i did it the longggggggggggggggg way that takes a lot of patience. Yes, i soaked the fruits on rum...for a week [!!] then baked the cake..then poured some rum over it..then kept it for 3 weeks, pouring "some" rum over it every 5 days. at this point, some people i think, overdo it so the cake becomes some massive alcoholic thing but well, some [most] would say thr's no such thing as too much alcohol. so, anyway, the result was, according to my relatives who gobbled it up at christmas dinner, fantabulous. I wasnt there at the dinner coz I was home sick. [probably coz of the frantic insane amount of baking i did in the week leading to Christmas] It was only my 2nd attempt, but I was glad they liked it. when I tried some myself, it was nice and moist and had a very strong rum flavour and you coudl still feel alcohol warming up your throat. Ok,s o maybe next year we'll have some fruitcakes up. I wanna experiment with adding other types of fruit in it..like chopped dried apricot or even dried pineapple.

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