Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ok I havent been blogging here for a long time.......coz i've been so busy. So, my apologies to you all who've been checking here often..I hope you hvent gotten bored yet. I baked more cookies yesterday. so I decided to take more photos. Here on top are the peanut butter cookies all stacked up on a trusty airtight Tupperware container. Yeah you gotta love the tupperwares. they're top on every housewife's wishlist. back in the 80's-90's they were the "in" thing so my mum stocked up on heaps of them. I have them in every imaginable size and shape, and i even have a cute tupperware egg separater device where you crack an egg into it, and the yolk stays on the thing while the whites fall through. really nifty. and Joy gave me some limited edition Tupperware cookie cutters some years back. Not to mention now I'm using this perfume by Tupperware [yeah who knows what they'd come up with next?]

These are my new creations! Chocolate chip walnut cookies. I thought it would look pretty to put the walnut pieces on top. also posing on top of a tupperware lid...

and here..................... is something very interesting.. [to me anyway] gavin's been to a new exotic land..where they have exotic looking cheese. This is Haloumi, which is a Cypriot goat's milk cheese [I THINK!!] that the middle eastern folks like to eat. I've seen a lot of it in cookbooks but it's hard to find around here [i saw some at TMC in Bangsar but it was RM16.90 for just a small piece, 180g!] but gav brought some of it home and i've been enjoying it everyday in lotsa weird ways. it's ussually fried or grilled [fried cheese!! can u imagine!???????????? as if it werent fattening enough!!] and eaten with a sprinkling of lemon juice and oregano but i've been frying it with scrambled egg, putting it on my rice, on my noodles and even on my maggi mee. yeah it's so fun to microwave coz it has a very high melting point so instead of melting, it gets nice and chewy and squishy. it has a really nice salty tangy flavour. I even chopped some up and put it in yoghurt to make some sort of a dip. in Cyprus it's eaten with watermelon, I read.. i cant imagine eating cheese with watermelon's salty and the other's sweet. isnt that like..wrong? it's like eating chocolate with garlic. [ugh!]

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PL said...

ooh, i saw it on one of nigella's shows. she was pan-frying it and i thought it was a pancake of flour-dough-thing. hee.