Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I love indian food but it always appeared to be so complicated and difficult to make. My few attempts turned out quite.... bad.
so mind boggling with 101 different ingredients just for ONE dish! for example... in my "indian food kit" i found these spices. I've no idea what they are so if anyone knows..please enlighten me? it appears to be a mix of 3 different types of...seeds? or pods?

I found this recipe for channa masala so I tried to cook it. first, I "whooshed" some onion and garlic and fresh chilli in my blender. however I may have whooshed it too much as it turned into sludge....

and cubed some potatoes..

a tin of chickpeas.

so I fried the "sludge" with some coriander seed, tumeric [kunyit], cumin powder and garam masala. it was getting burnt so i added some water. [not sure if i should have though....]

then some tomato paste..and more water.

then i simmered the potato cubes till soft.

then added the chickpeas. I may have done something wrong as the end result tasted quite... bland and slightly bitter! so I added more spices toward the end.

it didnt taste like anything yo'ud get from the shops. so sadly... i've to admit this time was a failed one.

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hearts said...

I've watched some of my North Indian friends cooked another version of this. FIrst fry lots of chopped onions, chopped tomatoes (deseeded) and garlic together with cumin, mustard seed (you know the tiny black seeds), cardomom, turmeric and some other spices. (might wanna add some chilli powder or paste). Fry till fragrant,then add chick peas, water and simmer for a while. Add a whole cup of sour cream, some salt, mint leaves.

Really yummy. eat it with bread or naan or whatever bread.