Friday, October 12, 2007

At the fruit and veggie store today i found these....
dates. actually... i like sticky date pudding but i dont like eating them just like that.
here're the fresh ones! plump and juicy! who'd have thought they looked so different from the wrinkled up ones. but i guess humans are the same. u know how those bodies in the coffins never look a shadow like they did when they were alive. although the dead bodies of our loved ones look horrible... it's a tiny bit comforting to see them that way.... it makes us realize that it's not them in the casket, just their shells..... [who'd have thought i'd think about death just by looking at fresh/dried dates?]

There was a very famous but cocky pork noodle seller at the former "kui lin" coffeetiam [kopitiam, coffeeshop, toMAYto, tomato] in SS15 but in the recent months that place has been under renovation for the new subang [smtg] hotel. so, the famous pork noodle man came over to "pomander" kopitiam in SS15 [it's on the same row as casamia and herbs and food, but closer to the casamia side]
ok it's opposite the former kopitiam called "seaview"that's now called "poh poh".still donno where it is? it's next to the..... chap fan place. still donno?? it's opposite the dentist's.
his pork noodles are very much in demand and i'd never ordered from him before as every time u try to order a bowl u'd be met with a gruff "are u sure??? u have to wait 45 minutes u know!!!!" so most of the time i decided not to since he's so NOT keen on doing my business!! but today i didnt konw it was the same guy from Kui Lin so inadvertantly ordered the 45 minute long awaited pork noodles. so i waited.
and waited.
and waited.
finally it arrived and yes, it was really delicuios since it had EXTRA cholesterol filled pork fat in it [chee yau char - those deep fried crispy pieces of pork fat] and the soup was really flavourful [perhaps, extra ajinomoto??]
however i wouldnt order it again because
a) i dont like waiting 45 minutes in a noisy crowded place
b) I dont want to get a heart attack at age 25

for those pork noodle die hards however, I guess this is worth the visit, if only just once!

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