Sunday, October 28, 2007

Do you think this avocado is edible???

now i've eaten many avocados in my day. I love those Aussie Hass ones, they're the ones I grew accustomed to eating while at Tassie and have loved them till this day. I can eat them in just about any way..... i like them straight up with salt pepper and balsamic vinegar, mashed up and spread on toast, or mashed up with onion and tomato as guacamole, or in salads, or in California rolls.

however, i wasnt prepared for this one from New Zealand. It appeared..weird. it looked....weird. it had lotsa brown spots all over...
and near its stem spot [the spot the stem used to be] there're.... weird lesions that look like they're filled with white mould. [cottony white parts....can u see????] looked like the kinda mould u'd see on bread....
i've only ever observed this happening in the NZ varieties sold in malaysia. I think itmight be because of their shipping/harvesting procedures and not so much because of its species, because these are the same "Hass" ones from Australia.
but i dont know for sure. there's no information on the internet on what this is. mum INSISTS that it's normal and it's fine and I should eat it but i KNOW for a fact that it ISNT normal because i'd never seen it in the NORMAL avocados I ussually eat. it also appears to have "sprouted" with lotsa root-like fibres going through the whole flesh. they were tough like roots. it's not supposed to be this way, is it? all the other ones i eat are just plain buttery flesh, without roots, without fungues/spots/brown bits.

see the roots coming out of the flesh in this one??? what happened???

more fibrous roots.

this picture shows the extent of the weirdness of this avocado. here u can see the brown roots/fibre, and the "holes" which look like they're filled with white fungus. i've no idea what's wrong with it so please if anyone knows, please leave a comment to tell me if this is normal!!


Hearts said...

I think I've just lost my appetite for Avocado. Looks like rotten brains.

Having said that, I've eaten rotting avocados too from Indonesia. coz myd ear sis in law had taken all the effort to bring em here and I couldn't bear to throw em away. ANyway, I survived. Yours however looks 2 notches worse, coz of the roots growing already. If I were you, I would've taken it and planted it in grown and wait for that lovely tree to grow. It can you know? I think mine's growing in the back garden,.

Anonymous said...

Hi there
I'm from Malaysia but been living in NZ the last 3 1/2 years and trust me, this seems normal and they are just as yummy. Mash it up with a bit of salt and spread on a wheat cracker.