Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Christmas baking bonanza has begun!!!

I started off with some fruitcake today since they have to ripen for at least a month. I used this recipe from Martha Stewart's "holiday" edition but i won't put the recipe up here until I taste them coz if they're not nice...why should i put the recipe up? anyway..... IF they taste nice, these will be given as gifts so I made them into cute little loaves, which i'll later wrap in cellophane bags and tie with pretty ribbon. I doused them with this "Cabana" rum Matthew got from Langkawi duty free.

So, we'll see in a month's time whether these taste good or not....

I'm planning to make lotsa other things to give away for Christmas, like sugar cookies, brownies, more fruitcake.... and other stuff! so stay tuned.

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