Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I've been too lazy to blog here for some time now but since i've some food pics to show, here they are!!

Singapore...... is a very very impressive country. its streets are clean and safe, its citizens rich. everyone's educated, and everyone speaks english. yes i wish malaysia were like singapore. we could've been if not for our bad governance. hope that'll change soon with the new ppl in.

anyway i just got back from there...and i found it really hard finding good food.

first off, we went to cafe cartel at raffles city plaza. it's very famous and its "st louis pork ribs" were so hyped up so we thought we'd try it out. it was quite disappointing. it wasn't horrible but it wasnt that great either. the sauce was.... just sweetish, not savory enough.

the pasta was tasteless too although it LOOKED good.
either they forgot the salt or forgot the cheese.

service was most disappointing. they got our orders wrong 5 times!! and we waited more than an hour for everything to arrive. it was quite chaotic, so i reckon it would've been the same in the kitchen too which wold explain the lack of taste in the food.
however the coffee was okay.

i had this oreo espresso.

anyway, apparently one CAN get good food in Singapore but you have to get recommendations from friends.
one can never go wrong with sakae sushi, my favourite japanese place!
i love edamame.

and of course i always love salmon sushi.

was too busy eating before i realized i wanted to snap a pic, so here it is, our meal half eaten!!
at secret recipe, i ordered the "singapore" laksa, which was.... just like ordinary curry laksa.

now this, this is the real deal!!! the best fishhead meehoon EVER. at AH SOON fishhead meehoon restaurant at Kuchai Maju. [corner lot, next to kinrara mamak] the soup was so tasty, with tomato wedges and salted veg slices, and creamy evaporated milk. and the meehoon they use is the thick kind. each bowl is really huge too so it's very worth it for just RM6.90 [i think? dont rmbr coz i didnt pay....] you can choose from a variety of combinations, whether it's just fishhead only or fish head with fish paste, or lotsa other stuff i dont rmbr. i especially like the fish paste.

some Wor Tip at little taiwan. yummy.

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