Friday, August 22, 2008

I haven't blogged for so long coz my camera went on strike.
it's still in ICU....
dont know if it'll be cured.. if not, have to retire it!
these were taken with a borrowed camera.
this CKT is from "sea view" on old klang road just outside central supermarket. i only had a bite so i cant say for sure but i think this vendor's health concious coz he used very little oil. so much so that the noodles stuck to each other!
the pork dumpling from the chinese lady's la mien stall is very good though. she's from china and makes the dumpling skin and noodles from scratch. it's amazing seeing how she pulls the dough and it magically becomes noodles!
the soup's very flavourful and the fragrant seaweed gives it a nice touch.
I had her kon low la mien noodles. they were okay but I didnt like the Chinese mushrooms in it. the noodles' texture was perfect though.


Gavin and i made shepherd's pie with this cheap minced beef we bought. we learnt a hard lesson... NEVER BUY CHEAP BEEF MINCE! it was sooo fatty.
IF it weren't for the cheap mince it would've been perfect coz the seasonings were good and potatoes creamy and soft.

to season the beef, we added
  • chopped garlic and onions
  • lea and perrin's sauce
  • chicken stock
  • black pepper and salt
  • some chopped cili padi
  • soy sauce
to the mashed potatoes we added
  • garlic salt
  • milk
  • cheese on top
we went to jln alor last wed to see wat the hype was all about.
honestly? i still don't know. perhaps we sat at the wrong stall or ordered the wrong things?
just appears that they're all out to cheat everyone [tourists included]
the CKT was only so so .... and RM5!
the spicy pork noodle, also only so so but at RM5.50 it was exorbitant! these crooks...

seriously can someone tell me what the hype about Jln Alor's food is? i'd like to know.

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