Monday, September 01, 2008

seafood binge on merdeka day

we thought we were going to kuala selangor to see the fireflies but it turns out that the FOOD was an even BIGGER event! I totally was not expecting such a feast. these curry sauce-d crabs were excellent. I dont ussually eat crab but I had a very skilled crab cracker husband who got the meat out for me. but even better than the crab meat were the slices of crusty bread we dipped into the savory sauce. delicuios.

the steamed scallops were only so-so, I didn't like the overpowering ginger-ness of it.
it was merdeka day, so the place was packed although itwas only 5.30pm.
nice river view, hence the name of the restaurant "river view seafood restaurant" however the smell of burning diesel from the motor boats at the riverbank kinda made me feel sick.
i THINK these were "yabbies" [lai liew har in canto] since they were deep fried they were tasty although I dont know what the coating was made of. probably egg yolks.
eveyrone loves deep fried calamari. in fact who doesn't love anything deep fried? the best thing to do is to have a cup of bios life cholesterol fighting soluble fibre to combat any risk of heart disease after a feast like this.
i'm too lazy to peel shrimp but gavin peeled some for me. these were tasty.
there were more things we had, like the shrimp ommelette, stir fried kailan, braised tofu and vegtables and vegtable fishball soup but i was too busy stuffing my face to take photos of them.
this place is highly recommended in my opinion. just dont order too much else you wont be able to move after your meal....

i also had the good fortune to come across hoong foong dimsum place in USJ 21.
it;s quite easy to find, just go along persiaran kewajipan deep into USJ and turn left after the HUGE KFC attached to a gas station. you'll see it quite soon after on your left.

the dimsum is fabulous and pricing is still more affordable than in subang jaya.
checkout their website to see their latest menu items.
these deep fried har gau were so good, especially with the [super fattening] mayo.

the stir fried carrot cake [RM4] was no good though. don't order this! steamed har gau was also to die for. the shrimp pieces were firm and s
this is my ultimate favourite dimsum item, "woo kok" which is a deep fried yam dumpling filled with charsiu. it was hot off the fryer when it arrived, still steaming hot inside but crispy on the outside. it's to die for.

some pork thing coated with crispy almond slices. I didn't have any because the family gobbled this up quickly. another must have I'd say, is the steamed fishballs. i'd never eaten fishballs so tasty and succulent, really unlike those cheap ones that just taste liek they're full of flour and rubbery. this wasn't rubbery at all, but tender yet with some "bite".
if not for anything else, i'd come back for these fishballs.
most of the items are priced between RM2-4, so this place is highly affordable.

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