Monday, February 16, 2009

burger joint

everyone's addicted to mcdonald's burgers. you can tell by the booming business they're doing and how outlets there are. in subang jaya alone there are .... 4 outlets! [including taipan] but their prices are skyrocketing and eveyrone's still eating there! the recent prosperity burger sets came to almost RM20 all for just ONE fast food meal. perhaps now i'll think of going to macca's as a special occasion treat instead of a "FAst food meal".
it's interesting to note that macca's started out as a small stall too somewhere in the US.

recently I had the opportunity to sink my teeth into one of these homemade burgers at this stall in SS14's tanjung mamak bistro. unlike macca's they're only open at nights.
we had the mushroom and cheese burger which was REALLY REALLY good and meaty, and full of beefy flavour. these burgers are made really nice and thick and go really well with the mushrooms, onions, cheese and ketchup. and with the fries it came up to RM7 which is pretty good considering these are homemade burgers. I'd consider these more like the burgers one would get at TGIF but in a mamak place.

there are several types of burgers on their menu so i havent tried them all but i do intend to! I highly recommend it. they're open every evening until 1am except sundays.

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