Saturday, January 31, 2009

chinese new year in penang

we took the aeroline to penang. everything was good except for the movie which they blasted through our eardrums throughout the whole trip! how inconsiderate to the passengers who don't wanna watch the movie. i couldnt sleep bcoz of the noise.
we went to visit Damien's family home in penang and his kitchen was awash with the aroma of baking pineapple tarts. made from scratch by his mum!

his dad and brothers took us to "minah's" which has really really good malay food. we had the fried fish with sambal petai [i dont ussually like petai but this was yum!]

this kerabu of tauge and 4 angled beans were good too. I dont know what goes into it but it's tasty.
this beef... rendang?was so flavourful. the kurma was delicuios too but i was too busy eating to bother taking a photo of it.
after a heavy dinner of hokkien mee, orchien and kuehteow thng we had a 2nd dinner of nasi dalca at a sidewalk.
it's a fragrant rice with various meat curries and vegtable curries. yummy.

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