Tuesday, January 13, 2009

sundays are eating out days for me, they alway have been since i was a kid. i guess it's because we go to church in the mornings so we eat out after church, and too lazy to cook at night so we eat out too. also it was the maid's off day [when i was a kid] even now we eat out with our friends after church every sunday. this time we tried this new noodle place in SS15 called "Face to face"it's quite successful I think because i've seen it elsewhere. there're so many new restaurants that close down in SS15 so finally having one popular one is a surprise.
but, it doesn't disappoint! this pork pan mee was very good. I don't recall the exact name but it was number 106 on the menu. tasty stuff.

hubby had the classic pan mee that came with lotsa ikan bilis and pork and a nice half cooked egg. piling on ingredients on top is important, it makes the customer feel that they're getting their money's worth!
the white coffee here is very good too, I wonder if it came from a mix! pricing is reasonable, portions are the right size. plus there're heaps of different types of chilli sauces/pastes to add on the heat if you're so inclined.

in the evening we went to "old taste" and had their white coffee which wasn't very good. too .... dilute/bland/bitter/weird. it didn't have a good balance of flavours.
but the nasi lemak was okay i guess. the fried mantou is popular here, with curry.

i suppose one can't go wrong with nasi lemak since everything is unhealthy and full of salt and fat! yum!

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