Wednesday, January 07, 2009

food glorious fooddddd

this orchien at tanjung tokong in Penang is fantastic. huge oysters with tasty fried egg and lotsa onions and lime juice. it may be served in a dingy place but the taste of it will transport you to taste heaven. a different place of orchien somewhere near batu feringghi. also good and not as oily as usual. i wonder though where the oysters are from since they don't really fish in least, i hope they dont as the water's so dirty!

we went to pak hussein's again at bayan lepas and had the usual malay fare. loved it all but portions were too small [it's our fault, we ordered most dishes for one]

telur bistik is always good, although so simple.
and tomyam of course! we love tomyam putih better than the red tomyam.

the following pics were taken in ipoh at some place called low shi fun which sells [of course] low shi fun. yummy.
fried wantons.
meatballs fishballs and fucuk!

yummy rat tail shaped rice noodles topped with meat sauce.


patlow said...

i always have telur bistik with my nasi campur for lunch at the campus cafeteria.


Suk Maan said...

OMG! how much did u eat Selina? did you explode?

cell said...

of course not laaa we only ate at mealtimes so we ate only 2-3 meals a day as normal people would! but our friends were eating something like 8 meals a day!