Thursday, November 27, 2008

bad stall at asia cafe in subang jayathis is a very bad one. once i ordered the kuehteow soup which was RM4 [i pointed to it on the board] and the taugeh which was RM1 but when the lady came to me, she said the total was RM7!

so i questioned her about it but instead of explaining or answering me she rudely frowned and made a rude noise [smtg like hmmphhhh!!] and went away. later she came back and shoved it at me saying "RM5".

apparently she had removed the 2 tiny porkballs from the soup, so presumably each porkball was RM1!? that's just insane as each porkball was only the size of a marble! if that were the case, what a ripoff, and this worker was extremely rude and cross/grumpy/unpleasant.

OR, the more likely case was that she made a mistake before in charging me and was trying to cover up. how would I ever know since she never bothered to communicate it to me at all?

I'd Definitely not patronize this stall ever again.

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