Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My dad's a sucker for new restaurants if there's been a write-up about them in the papers. so, seeing this in the star, we headed out to Jassal's at brickfields today.
i love northern indian food but they're really expensive around here so i was surprised to see how everything at this place is rather reasonably priced.

first off we had the tandoori platter which was really tasty with 4 kinds of tandoori, I don't remember what exactly but it had a spicy minced meat kind of kofta thing, fish fillets coated in spice, a white garlicky chicken and the usual red tandoori chicken. all were excellent, moist and tasty. also i love it when the meats are bone free coz it's easy to eat. all that was served with an onion and tomato salad with yoghurt dressing. yummy.

this pic was from the star. the earlier one was from gavin's camera.
all those lovely meats were served with this yoghurty sauce. it's creamy and slightly tangy, love it!

then we had the freshly grilled naan which was to die for!

we had the garlic naan [above L] cheese naan [R], and below,
the chicken stuffed naan, and the mutton naan .

all were excellent. the cheesy one was really fragrant. on the outside, slightly crisp and the insides were flowing with tasty cheese. I loved the flat leaf parsley on top. the buttery aroma makes you wonder if you've just consumed way too many calories. that, smothered in the palak paneer sauce was just divine. like a mouth orgasm, if you will. [haha I wonder how many extra hits i'd get on this site just bcoz of that word....]

the garlicky naan was fragrant too, with lotsa garlic bits on top. the chicken and mutton naans were filled with minced meat inside, with spices. these spices were not "hot" though, but rather aromatic. sort of like a mincedmeat sandwich but better.

on their own they would've been perfect, but we had them with the
palak paneer
[below, Right]

which was the best I'd ever had, not watery or oily like the last place I had it in bangsar. the pieces of paneer were yummy and flavourful, and dressed with the thick green spinach sauce it was perfect.

we also ordered the chicken curry [above Left] which came with a rich tomato-ey thick sauce. dad loved it and we cleaned up the bowl very quickly.

as for drinks, there's always lassi for those purists but i wanted my masala tea, I make it a point to have it at indian places to see which have the best. gav had the "bru" coffee

which he said was "very good".

JASSAL TANDOORI RESTAURANT, 84, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Kuala Lumpur (Tel: 03-2274 6801). Business hours: Daily, 11am-11pm.

they're along the walkway from KL Monorail - KL Sentral

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