Thursday, November 13, 2008


there was so much hype about this place so i FINALLY decided to go there one day with gavin. we didn't plan it that way but we somehow chose these 2 oughnuts, in our wedding colours. the strawberry chocolate one was really decadent, with each mouthful screaming "im full of calories!" yummy but...sinful. the strawberry flavour was stronger than of your regular strawberry flavoured white chocolate so that's good. also the smell and taste and texture of a freshly fried doughnut is so indulgent.

the chocolate one was equally rich, covered with a creamy chocolate icing and filled with chocolatey whipped cream. we were given a free "original" glazed doughnut. still im not sure if i'd go again because
1. thr's ussually a longgg line
2. it ain't cheap
3. too many calories
gavin and i cook almost everyday and he MUST have his soup! of late we've been experimenting with chinese soups [you know the kind that you boil for 4 hours] and we're getting better I think. i hope some chinese will document these home recipes beause most of the people my age, i reckon, don't knw how to make them.
i was told you just dump everything in and boil it really long. but what exactly to dump in? if you dont know the chinese names for all these things how woudl u know where/how to buy them? for eg. all those weird salted vegtables you see in the pasar malam. what are they made of? and what are their names? and how to cook them?

anyway, so here's a very simple lunch we like to make. usually one meat and one vegtable dish. the stir fried choysum is definitely a stample in our home, and steamed fish or chicken. here we have steamed chicken with ginger and chinese rice wine. it's yummy :D

sorry there's no recipe coz we are chinese and the chinese don't like to document their recipes. they just throw things in from experience. so, just steam some chicken with some salt and ginger shreds and chinese rice wine and hopefully it'll turn out decent.

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