Tuesday, January 27, 2009

homemade ice cream

I bought this ice cream maker named "snowy" from sunbeam and tried a vanilla custard ice cream. I didn't follow the recipe that closely and put less sugar, boy was that a mistake!
the ice cream mixture is much less sweet when frozen so one has to overcompensate when making the mixture. anyway that was fixed by adding the caramel sauce over it.
it tasted rich and creamy, not like the commercially sold ones here that're made of hydrogenated vegtable fat. this is real ice cream made from cream and eggs.
this was just a simple vanilla ice cream recipe, heaploads of which can be found on the internet.

gav and i decided we ought to eat more malay food now that we won't be getting it for a long time. I only ever saw indonesian restaurants in sydney. there was a malaysian one in melbourne but it was so expensive.
this nasi campur we got at the subang SS15 market was only RM4.50. the ayam masak merah was delicuios, and the ikan bilis stir fried potato cubes were tasty. the wilted choy sum wasn't so good but that's because we came at 2.30pm and lunchtime was over long ago.
gav had ayam paprik freshly made. the spicy gravy was flavoursome and perfect with the vegtable bits.
greens cooked with salted fish is always good.
now this is SS15's best kept secret~! there's a stall at restoran FOH FOH [opposite secret recipe] that sells taiwanese beef noodles and they are exquisite!
big chunks of beef and springy noodle with radish slices in a rich aromatic herbal soup served with chilli flake oil. she's not stingy on the tender beef chunks, in fact I often feel that there's too much beef in relation to the noodle.

she makes a killer pork stuffed fried "jiao xi" as well, and we order it quite often.

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