Saturday, August 08, 2009

pandan chiffon cake

tonight we used the turbo broiler to make this pandan chiffon cake using a recipe i got on the internet. it turned out better than i expected, though I thought it wasn't sweet enough. Gav liked it this way, his sweetness tolerance is quite low. I didn't butter the sides of the pan enough so the edges stuck.
this is a rather simplified westernized recipe in that it doesn't call for coconut milk or fresh pandan leaves so I reckon it isnt the best recipe around but for someone who's stuck in Australia with no easy access to asian ingredients, it works well enough. it turned out nice and soft but flavour wise ... not so good. the next time I use this recipe I'd up the sugar and pandan paste. Or better still use fresh pandan leaves and grind it up into a paste like Poh did on masterchef...

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