Sunday, February 21, 2010

convenience food

Avocado and promite on bread. simple but rich and tasty... [I like promite better than vegemite now..I'm a convert!] Promite has a certain..savoury mushroomy taste. somewhat like what would be considered "umami" by some food experts. of course I certainly am not.
Another new thing I tried was this vanilla flavoured coffee from Gloria Jeans'. It was so soo fragrant and calming. I'd definitely want it again.
Above are the deep fried shrimp with wasabi mayo from Salamanca Inn. They were really delicious as most things deep fried are.
Leslie made us some yummy chicken schnitzel. Everything in this meal below was cooked up at a moment's notice, with no fresh ingredients at all! The chicken and vegetables were from the freezer, and rice is of course a staple. So, this is the perfect thing to have when you're out of fresh vegetables and are too lazy to go to the store. The veggies tasted just the same as if they were fresh, so I wouldn't have known they were frozen at all.


Hearts said...

hey sel, missed this blog suddenly and came to see if you've been baking. not yet? what is promite, do we have it here?

Gina E. said...

Avocado and Vegemite???(Ok, Promite). Mmm...I like them both, but have never combined them. I must rememember to try that.