Saturday, March 13, 2010

Raju's on the Princes Highway

We ordered the "banquet" dinner set, which was half price before 8pm on Mondays to Thursdays so it came out to be $45 for the 2 of us. First up was the papadums with 3 sauces. One would've been a yoghurty one, the green one's probably mint and the dark one I've no idea but it was sweetish.
then the tandoori, kefta and samosas.
We had 3 curries with saffron rice and naan.
Beef vindaloo which I believe is from the east of India? it was really hot but gav likes it that way.
butter chicken, my all time favourite. this had a nice thick and tomato-ey sauce that was perfect with the rice and naan.
and mushroom paneer masala. this one was slightly bland.
garlic naan which was excellent
basmati rice

This place is right next to a mexican restaurant on the princess highway. I think this set was too much for 2 people though, coz we couldn't finish it despite stuffing ourselves completely, in fact I reckon this set for 2 would've been enough for 3 small eaters.

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