Sunday, March 28, 2010

veggies on the plant!

These were taken at the melbourne garden and flower show ystd at the Carlton Gardens. We had a great time there, tasting free cheese and wine and looking at all the beautiful displays. I'm especially excited whenever I see fruit or veg that are still on the plant/tree/ground because seeing it in its natural state is a whole different dimension [did i spell that right?] to seeing them wrapped in clingwrap or tied with rubber bands, or canned, on the supermarket shelves. These chillis above look quite hot! I never knew how chillis grew in plants. Now I do.
Cabbages! I didn't know that the outer leaves were so huge! they look like giant flowers. The hubby says if cabbages could decide on what to study in uni, it would probably be astrology as they spend their whole lives staring into the sky....
a sweet looking pea pod! imagine all the work it took for the plant to produce that one pod...and we can eat it in half a mouthful.
and a huge white cauliflower! seeing how they grow makes me appreciate them more and less likely to waste any by throwing them away. Just think about how much energy it took for that piece of cauliflower to reach your had to grow in the garden for... [weeks?] then it had to survive pests/bad weather, then a farmer had to cut the weeds away and harvest it, and it had to be wrapped/washed/packaged..and then it had to travel to your local supermarket where it had to be loaded and arranged on the shelves. Our food does come a long way! So it would really be a sin to waste any.
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Gina E. said...

You have some deep discussion there, Cell! I too have often thought about the amount of work done by farmers and others to get fruit and vegies to the shops. When I buy a basket full of fresh produce from our local fruit shop (I don't buy it at a supermarket), I sometimes ask the cashier if she has added it up correctly: "$13 for all that??" You wonder how people in this trade make a living, don't you...