Tuesday, April 06, 2010

cooking chicken in our little clayton studio

 Clayton is such a diverse suburb because of the uni in it. I'm always interested in other cultures, especially their food. For easter last weekend, we visited an Orthodox church just to see what it was like. Anyway, there're several indian groceries in Clayton [I counted 4 so far...but there might be more] and indian restaurants. We bought this spice mix [above] because of this smiling celeb chef.  We cook chicken most often because it's the cheapest meat available.
This is the resulting curry dish that was really yummy and so easy to do. All we had to add was water, coconut milk and chicken. A curry in a hurry! Although we probably added too much water...
This above, is "curry" mash with tomato + chickpea chicken. I got a packet of Keen's curry powder as a sample so decided to dump it into some mash I was making. It turned a bright yellow and tasted pretty good with lotsa milk and some butter added.
And chicken again! this time, a roast with thyme and chorizo with roast potatoes.

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Gina E. said...

I chuckled to read your experiment with Keen's Curry powder! When I was growing up, Keen's curry powder was all we ever knew of curry in our household. Mum would tip it into things indiscriminately, and as a result, I was never a fan of 'curried food'. But in recent years with the help of all the great cooking mags around now, I have long since abandoned 'Aussie' curry powder, and try the various 'paste in jars', which give a much better result (when used properly!)