Monday, January 10, 2011

a Chinese parable

I was having a chat with a friend over some wanton noodles in Box Hill recently when we came to the subject of how to treat "friends" who hurt or betray us. He told me this analogy which he said was "although funny, has a very deep meaning". I sat back to listen.

"If a dog bit you, would you be angry with it?"  Uh..yes of course i would!

"But, would you bite the dog back, in revenge?"

hahhahaa....of course not, was my answer. But he says there are some people who're angry, vengeful and foolish enough to bite back. So that's the whole point of the story. If someone's done you some wrong, and they're character deficient, it's all very well to be upset about it, but don't stoop down to their level and behave in a similar fashion. You'd only be acting like an animal then. Being of a higher "quality" of character, one ought to take the high ground.

Hmm..............but what exactly does that mean in practical terms, I don't know. I suppose I'd avoid that dog at all costs.

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